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Episode 020: Put a Stopper in Death

You are going to die. Or are you? Get morbid as Mike and Orion discuss death on Too Rational. What is a good death? What should one prepare concerning...

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Episode 019: 3D Calendar

What calendar apps are the best? How can one solve scheduling? What day does the week even start on? Big questions; complicated, potentially unsatisfying answers. One thing’s for sure...

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Episode 018: Rent a Lute

Mike shocks Orion with his “Now Playing”; Orion has bad taste in music; it’s possible and feasible to rent a lute if you’re so inclined. All this, and more,...

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Episode 017: New Recipes Are Bad

If you’re not using a database in the cloud to optimize your culinary efforts, what are you even doing in the kitchen? Join Orion and Mike as they discuss...

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Behind The Mic

Orion Ruzicka

Show Host

Orion Ruzicka is a youngish human with many interests and hobbies. He aspires to one day design orbiting space habitats, but will settle for designing terrestrial structures for the time being. He has a wife and son whom he wants to do right by, and is constantly aware of the many things that he can be better at. All told,  he wants to become better at being human.

Mike Arnesen

Show Host

Mike is an internet geek and digital marketing expert. By weekday, he’s the CEO of UpBuild (a technical marketing consultancy). By night, he’s a podcast host right here on Too Rational.

Dvorak or die.

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