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Orion Ruzicka

Show Host

Orion Ruzicka is a youngish human with many interests and hobbies. He aspires to one day design orbiting space habitats, but will settle for designing terrestrial structures for the time being. He has a wife and son whom he wants to do right by, and is constantly aware of the many things that he can be better at. All told,  he wants to become better at being human.

Mike Arnesen

Show Host

Mike is the older ne’er-do-well of the pair and overspends on home office equipment. Dvorak advocate and professional emailer. 

About Our Show

What does it sound like when two friends get deep into conversation about technology, habits, life optimization, and more? It sounds a little “Too Rational”. 

Behold, the Too Rational origin story in four quick SMS messages in October 2018. This is how it all began! 

We’re learning as we go. We think you should both listen and subscribe. 


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