Too Rational

Episode 007: Body Hackers

For better or worse, our minds are stuck in these flesh sacks. How do we best tend to them? Mike and Orion discuss in this week’s episode of Too Rational.

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Episode 006: That Carry-on Life

In this week’s episode of Too Rational, Orion and Mike discuss travel. How a can one optimize the act of traveling? What’s the best method for planning? How can you make the most of trip once you get there? Stream this episode of Too Rational to hear about all these things and more.

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Episode 005: Intelligent Monkeys; Opposable Sausages

In this week’s episode of Too Rational, Mike and Orion discuss input methods and other digital interfaces. How do smart primates interface with machines? Why do we use the things that we use? Are we tool users or have we become cyborgs?

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Episode 004: How Bold Can a Black Belt Be?

In this week’s episode, Orion and Mike discuss fashion and wardrobes. To what extent can one be rationally fashionable? Are there guiding principles that can be used to make efficient and productive fashion choices? What’s better — expressing one’s individuality through clothing or taking the daily clothing decision-making out of the equation?

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Episode 003: Fortress of Solitude

In this week’s episode, Mike and Orion discuss offices, work spaces, and working outside of the home.

Episode 002: The Idea of a Sunrise

In this week’s episode, Mike and Orion discuss morning routines. The central question being, “How do you go about your morning?”

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Episode 001: Your Life Is A House

Building an optimal life. What are our strategies and how can we go about doing this better?

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Episode 000: Blastoff

Who are we? What are we doing?

Listen to Episode 0 to get an idea of what to expect when you’re expecting…to listen to us talk. 

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