Season 2

Episode 013: One Does Not Simply Stop Being a Capitalist

Listen to Orion and Mike discuss personal finance, the true nature of money, and even…dun, dun, dun…cryptocurrency. What is money? Is the pursuit of wealth spiritually worthwhile? What is the future of cryptocurrency and “cash”? Find out in this week’s episode of Too Rational!

On cryptocurrency:

“This could be used for illicit activities!”

Orion — “What? You mean like every f*#$ing currency in the whole goddamn world?”

TL;DR: Cash is ridiculous

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Episode 012: I Could Probably Steal a Baby

In this episode of Too Rational, Orion and Mike discuss security. Listen to the hosts’ takes on security of all sorts — from digital security to the security of our physical spaces.

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Episode 011: Make Your Own Beard Oil

Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Too Rational and join Mike and Orion as they tackle the big hairy questions of life. Hair is completely disgusting, if you think about it. Do we let it flow or do we chop it off and put hair care in its logical place as a non-decision? Find out in this week’s episode of Too Rational!

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