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Episode 006: That Carry-on Life

In this week’s episode of Too Rational, Orion and Mike discuss travel. How a can one optimize the act of traveling? What’s the best method for planning? How can...

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Episode 005: Intelligent Monkeys; Opposable Sausages

In this week’s episode of Too Rational, Mike and Orion discuss input methods and other digital interfaces. How do smart primates interface with machines? Why do we use the...

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Episode 004: How Bold Can a Black Belt Be?

In this week’s episode, Orion and Mike discuss fashion and wardrobes. To what extent can one be rationally fashionable? Are there guiding principles that can be used to make...

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Episode 003: Fortress of Solitude

In this week's episode, Mike and Orion discuss offices, work spaces, and working outside of the home.

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Behind The Mic

Orion Ruzicka

Show Host

Orion Ruzicka is a youngish human with many interests and hobbies. He aspires to one day design orbiting space habitats, but will settle for designing terrestrial structures for the time being. He has a wife and son whom he wants to do right by, and is constantly aware of the many things that he can be better at. All told,  he wants to become better at being human.

Mike Arnesen

Show Host

Mike is an internet geek and digital marketing expert. By weekday, he’s the CEO of UpBuild (a technical marketing consultancy). By night, he’s a podcast host right here on Too Rational.

Dvorak or die.

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